Beta 2.1 Released: Solving Blockchain Bloat and much more!


We’ve been hard at work over the past week, Blockmarket is really starting to shape up! Testing has continued and we’re excited to release the Syscoin 2.1 public beta to allow the community to participate in that effort and help us vigorously test this ground-breaking software. While our focus has been testing the 2.1 release and solving blockchain bloat, we find we are also working on a number of other efforts mentioned in previous development updates: company setup, Chinese community outreach, and Blockmarket development are all moving along in parallel with the testing effort.

The focus of today’s update is the Syscoin 2.1 beta, which we’re releasing to the public today. The Syscoin 2.1 beta brings a number of new features, as well as bug fixes to improve the overall stability of the network. We encourage users to download the beta and try it out for themselves, the beta is locked to testnet and as such cannot be used with “real” Syscoins yet. We have plans for a blog post this week to dive into some of the highlights of what’s new in Syscoin 2.1, as well as a more technical blog post outlining what the “Data Pruning” feature means for the platform and how it will improve scalability long term. Here’s a quick rundown of the new features:

  • Safe Search/Item Moderation (optional, on by default in team-provided wallet)
  • Search Pagination
  • Default Alias
  • Message Ordering, Escrow Ordering
  • Special pruning mechanism designed specifically for Syscoin services, solving the bloat issue
  • Additional Themes [3]
  • Easy Unlock for Encrypted Wallets
  • Archive / Hide Sold Out Item
  • Item Geolocation
  • Suggested Categories
  • Search within Category
  • Ability to hide completed/refunded/expired escrows
  • Feedback/Ratings System
  • Wanted to buy item listings

There are some known bugs we’re still working to resolve and we wanted to make these known before they grab the beta so they know to look out for these. If you find other issues please check our github issues list to make sure its not something we’re already working on and if you don’t see it there please add it. Here are the top priority/most critical bugs we’re working on:

  • Blockchain pruning impacting/breaking escrow operations after pruning
  • Fit and finish of themes
  • Private items are visible in search
  • Improved Versioning

To make the pruning feature easier to test, the expiry time of all services in this beta has been set to 24hrs. This means that any Syscoin services you create on testnet will expire and be pruned/removed 24hrs after the last edit to that entity. For aliases you/other members of the network should be able to re-purchase them after expiry.

To keep an eye on our progress towards closing out all of the remaining issues on Syscoin 2.1 before public release you can alway check the Syscoin 2.1 milestone on GitHub.

Download the Syscoin 2.1 beta using the links below. You’ll need to use this syscoin.conf, which will only connect to testnet. If you have an existing syscoin.conf please back it up prior to participating in the beta.

Windows Syscoin 2.1 Beta Download
Mac OSX Syscoin 2.1 Beta Download
Github Source Zip for Syscoin 2.1 Beta

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