Development Update #4 – June 19, 2016


There are a few more internal steps to complete with Microsoft and then we’ll have some really exciting news to share with the community! We’re still in the process of company setup, which will enable us to move forward with Microsoft plans. We already have a product we built in-house that’s not publicly released yet which we can use for the MS requirements. That being the case we don’t need to put together a Blockmarket Lite package as mentioned in last week’s post but we still want to do that to show the community what we’re building.

Testing on Syscoin 2.1 is nearing completion and so long as nothing major is discovered we’ll coordinate with network partners to launch it on June 26 this coming Sunday. So far things look good- new features like the feedback system and built in/better categories (to name just a few!) add a lot of increased usability. The top priority remains testing the 2.1 release but we’re making great progress on Blockmarket as well, which we’ve been touching on as we’ve had time.

We’re also currently vetting a Chinese community manager. He will be catching up with Syscoin technology and hopefully joining the team as translator and beginning to build our Chinese community – a position we’ve been looking to fill for a quite some time and valuable demographic to connect with.

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