Syscoin 2.0 FAQ


Syscoin aliases replace long complicated coin address with an easy-to-remember string of characters. These aliases can be used across all of Syscoin’s services and make it much easier to send and receive Syscoin.

Aliases are case-sensitive just like addresses so make sure to double check your entries!
Syscoin aliases are unique like domain names, and only one user can own a unique alias at a time. If you do not renew your alias by updating it then after a year it will be returned to the network for others to purchase.


To Purchase as Syscoin Alias, make sure you are on the “Alias” tab on the top navigation.


Once you click “New Alias”, a screen will appear asking you what you want your alias to be and the value associated with it. The value can be anything you want. The max data size is 3.2kb. Both the alias name and value are publicly visible via Syscoin’s alias search.


*NOTE:* Aliases are case-sensitive! The Alias “john_doe” and “John_Doe” are completely different and are NOT interchangeable!

Syscoin services such as Aliases, Certificates and Offers last a year from last update. If you rename or edit an offer, that is considereded an update.


After a year has passed from last update, the owner of the Alias, Certificate or Offer can no longer edit them and no longer controls it. In the case of aliases they are returned to the available pool for other users on the blockchain to purchase.

Aliases are somewhat similar to domains on the internet. Only one person can own an alias but once they have secured it they can transfer ownership to other users.

To transfer an alias which you own to another user you must first get the full public key of the user’s address you which to transfer the alias to.

The recipient can get their public key by navigating to the “Aliases” tab and clicking “New Public Key”. They will need to send you this key so that you can transfer the alias to them.


Once you have the recipient’s public navigate to the “Aliases” tab in your wallet and right click on the Alias you wish to transfer. Select “Transfer” from the menu. In the dialog that appears enter/paste the recipient’s public key and click “Ok” to complete the transfer.


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