How do I receive Syscoin?

There are two ways to receive Syscoin:

  1. Send the individual who you’re requesting money from your Syscoin Alias (or if you don’t have one, your wallet address).
  2. Use Syscoin’s “Request Payment” service.

Using Syscoin’s “Request Payment” feature.

  1. Click on the third tab on the top navigation bar labeled “Receive”. You will then be taken to a screen that has 3 text input boxes labeled: “Label, Amount, Message.” While these are all optional, it does help to fill them out in order to keep better records of who you are requesting payment from, and why you are requesting it.


  2. After those fields are filled out, click “Request Payment.” A URI string will be generated which can then be sent to the individual you are requesting payment from. When the individual you are requesting payment from clicks on the link it will auto-populate their wallet with the amount you’ve requested.


The new Syscoin wallet will aggregate and save all of your payment requests so you can access them at a later time. Each request can be accessed individually under the “Request Payments History” section of the “Receive” tab.


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