Introducing the Syscoin Release Candidate Program with v0.1.5 RC1

As we’ve continued to move forward with Syscoin development we’ve realized the potential of harnessing community feedback prior to releasing a new wallet as a “production” client. I’m happy to introduce the Syscoin Public Release Candidate Program.

As we’ve continued to move forward with Syscoin development we’ve realized the potential of harnessing community feedback prior to releasing a new wallet as a “production” client. I’m happy to introduce the Syscoin Public Release Candidate Program. We’re starting this in a pilot mode with the goal of creating an efficient, low-overhead process for gathering community feedback ahead of an upcoming release- 0.1.5 in this case.


We have 0.1.5 ready, but we want to make it better, the best it can be within the constraints of our roadmap. To do this we will use the Syscoin Forums to collect feedback on Syscoin 0.1.5 RC1 – please use this thread so that we can consolidate this feedback and discuss. We’ll collect and discuss feedback with the community for 48hrs starting at 9pm USA/PST Sept 21 and then we’ll promote/release a production version of Syscoin 0.1.5 within 12hrs of RC feedback closing, trying to incorporate as many updates as we can based on valuable and insightful community feedback.


Syscoin 0.1.5 brings a host of very large and valuable updates to the Syscoin wallet interface and usage experience. While almost all of these features have been available via the console since launch, now they are made more accessible via wallet interfaces and some new features. Please remember when using aliases their values are public (so use encryption for sensitive information) and currently alias reservation is case-sensitive which we are looking for community feedback on. Because 0.1.5 doesn’t change anything fundamentally on the network it can be run on the mainnet; some release candidates may contain entirely new services and require being run on a “testnet”. We do not currently have a public testnet but we’ll stand one up as needed.


New Features and Enhancements
  • Send To Alias – Now if you own a Syscoin Alias whose value is a valid Syscoin address, you can send directly to the Alias name rather than having to remember the Syscoin address. These types of Aliases can now be used interchangeably with any syscoin command that requires a SYS address. If you already have an Alias you can update the value to be a SYS address and start using this functionality, or create a new one!
  • My Aliases – Lists your Aliases; Updates to Aliases will take 1 block to appear and new aliases can take up to 120blocks to appear (please see docs for reasons for this). Easily copy, edit, transfer and create new Aliases all within this tab. You can also now export all of your Aliases to CSV format.
  • Search Aliases – Case-sensitive regex search of the Aliases registered on the Syscoin blockchain and information about their contents and expiry.


Download the Release Candidate Now!

Syscoin 0.1.5 RC1 Windows
Syscoin 0.1.5 RC1 Mac
Syscoin 0.1.5 RC1 Github

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  1. arcticlava
    September 23, 2014 05:47

    Just installed v0.1.5c RC1 Mac on MacBook Air OS X 10.9.4. Created a new alias for my syscoin address and noticed two new transactions I wasn’t expecting: -1.00 SYS for New Alias and -5172.00 SYS for Alias Activated. Screenshot below:

    • September 23, 2014 07:45

      Please note that creating aliases will currently generate a total fee of 5173 Sys (fees subject to change); attempting to create an address that is already active will cost you 1 Sys; please use the “Search” in the “Aliases” tab to make sure that the alias you attempt to create does not already exist – As for the second transaction “-16964.80 SYS” please post the screenshot via the Feedback Thread which is linked within this post.

      • arcticlava
        September 23, 2014 12:19

        Click on this dropbox link to see:
        Creating the alias was successful but generated a -16964.80 SYS transaction fee to address “(n/a)”
        Transaction details provided below:
        Status: 306 confirmations
        Date: 9/23/14 00:06
        Debit: -16964.80 SYS
        Net amount: -16964.80 SYS
        Transaction ID: dd05c8749486afdeb4a79aeaf4ac0357b59e5a5acafc90cce92acde21ab3dc8e
        Debug information

        Debit: -16964.80 SYS

        CTransaction(hash=dd05c8749486afdeb4a79aeaf4ac0357b59e5a5acafc90cce92acde21ab3dc8e, ver=29696, vin.size=2, vout.size=3, nLockTime=0, data.size=0)
        CTxIn(COutPoint(173c53652acd7d663f4485c986e7e8ed2eebd0b48932a64ecfd6b3d0122cd602, 0), scriptSig=3046022100930fec709ffd24)
        CTxIn(COutPoint(2cab36ed5ffc8781eca1d5c6847fe8ffbecab595dfbc91b93426cfde34360c2c, 1), scriptSig=3044022063b1aca677ac619b)
        CTxOut(nValue=11792.80000000, scriptPubKey=OP_DUP OP_HASH160 11dc079631e4)
        CTxOut(nValue=1.00000000, scriptPubKey=2 63727970746f6e617574 4eef3f4)
        CTxOut(nValue=5172.00000000, scriptPubKey=OP_RETURN)

        Amount=-0.00000001 SYS IsMine=false

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