Syscoin 2.0 is Live!


Syscoin 2.0 has successfully launched today. As planned we took a snapshot of the Syscoin 1.x blockchain at 10am US/PST, block 880440. We then migrated this snapshot to the 2.0 blockchain and started the chain. All services are available for use immediately. We’re still working through making final changes to our website materials.


How to Upgrade/Convert to Syscoin 2.0

Upgrading to Syscoin 2.0 from Syscoin 1.x is very simple.

  1. As with any upgrade, back up your wallet.dat. The location of wallet.dat will vary based on your operating system, it can be found here on Windows and here on Mac. Copy wallet.dat to a safe location as a backup.
  2. Delete the Syscoin 1.x wallet application entirely.
  3. Delete all of the files in your Syscoin data directly except for wallet.dat.
  4. Run the Syscoin 2.0 wallet, you will be warned that your addresses and transaction history are no longer accurate, this is normal and expected, click ok. The wallet should properly reflect your Syscoin 1.x balance.



Upgrade complete! You can now start sending and receiving Syscoin as usual using the new wallet. Buy an alias! Sell an item! Buy an item! There so much you can do with Syscoin! You may have questions about all the new features, and we have answers. Please first check our Syscoin 2.0 FAQ– if you’re unable to find an answer to your question there please jump into the Syscoin Slack and the team will be more than happy to assist you.

If you wish to remove the message warning you about transaction history you can transfer your coins to a new, clean wallet which should prevent further warnings (this is entirely optional, the message only related to past transaction information- future transaction information will be properly retained.):

  1. Close the Syscoin 2.0 wallet
  2. Rename wallet.dat to wallet.dat.orig in the Syscoin data directory and then run the wallet.
  3. Write down the address of your new wallet, it should begin with a “1”. Close the wallet.
  4. You will now have a new wallet.dat in your Syscoin data directory. Rename wallet.dat to Rename wallet.dat.orig to wallet.dat.
  5. Run the wallet and send your entire balance to your new address starting with a “1”. Close the wallet.
  6. Move wallet.dat to a different location. Rename to wallet.dat within the Syscoin data directory. Run the wallet and confirm the funds have been received. After you’ve confirmed the funds, you can delete the original wallet.dat file that you’ve now moved to a new location outside the Syscoin data directory




Mining Pools:

Syscoin 2.0 Block Explorer and Rich List:


Next Steps

The launch of Syscoin 2.0 is a major milestone for the Syscoin team. Syscoin 2.0 lays the foundation for our vision. Building on top of the Syscoin platform will be the next step, and a key to mainstream adoption. Blockmarket, the first product planned to be launched by the Syscoin team will be the next major milestone for Syscoin. Blockmarket is a consumer-level one-click web based experience built on top of the Syscoin platform which enables users with all of Syscoin’s decentralized services- ranging from marketplaces to encrypted messaging – via a simple, web based experience that’s also mobile compatible. No downloads, no blockchains to think about, Blockmarket puts that all in the background and allows the user to focus on the services themselves.

We’re also working with Microsoft to make Syscoin’s services more accessible to users on their Azure platform and in general. Unlike other offerings on Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service platform, Syscoin’s Azure deployment will soon have Blockmarket bundled with it as well. This will enabled Azure users to deploy their own Blockmarket’s with the click of a button. Once deployed users can customize the appearance of their blockmarket creating their own branded marketplace, backed by the power of the Blockchain.

Syscoin is immediately available for mining and has switched to the SHA256 mining algorithm and is merge-minable with Bitcoin. The Syscoin team maintains a price peg which is the default peg used for Syscoin offers (although users can create their own price pegs). The peg uses the “SYS_RATES” alias and information on the current peg values can be found at The peg is updated anytime market prices move 5%+/-. The Syscoin team also hosts a mining pool which is one of the few mining pools to merge mine Bitcoin with other coins. Located at the pool mines Bitcoin and merge-mines Syscoin, Namecoin, Devcoin, Crowncoin and Unobtanium- don’t waste your hashes on just Bitcoin earn 6 coins at once instead!

Over the coming two weeks we’ll be working with merchants who signed up through our early signup portal to list their items on the marketplace. If you are a merchant looking to list your items on the marketplace or if your just looking for more information/have questions join our Slack. This launch lays the foundation for a number of additional improvements and platform releases we have planned throughout the remainder of this year!

Note: For questions or comments please post on this related reddit thread. You can also get direct support from the Syscoin Team by joining our Slack channel.


  1. ted reinhardt
    May 01, 2016 20:01

    I followed these directions and after I sent my SYScoins to the new wallet address, I never received them and my wallet is now showing a different address. I did get an error message before I reopened the syscoin core but it was gone so fast I couldn’t read exactly what I said. Is there anyway to recover my syscoin?

    • coins coins coins
      May 02, 2016 16:13

      Hi go to sys slack and ask team directly or hang here for someone i have left a message about this with the team. tnx

  2. May 02, 2016 16:03

    Hi, congrats on the 2.0 launch! I have a question, if I’m using paper wallet that was generated with 1.0, do I need to update it with 2.0? If yes, how to do that? Thanks

    • coins coins coins
      May 02, 2016 16:24

      You can import sys1 wallets directly into sys2 if necessary. SYS1 paper wallets are still valid and will be for the foreseeable future so there’s no real need to convert.

      • May 03, 2016 12:53

        Thanks. But looks like paper wallets that were generated with sys1, can’t no longer receive additional funds on it. Tried sending some syscoins and it didn’t go through. Even the new paper wallets (i’m not sure if the paper wallet script is updated) not receiving any funds. Address can’t be found in the sys2.0 blockchain explorer.

        • coins coins coins
          May 03, 2016 14:40

          Hi go to slack team is there taking queries.

  3. coins coins coins
    May 02, 2016 16:14

    It All went smooth for me less than a second for my coins to show up in this amazing Block Market Wallet !.

    Cant believe that the fees are so low cost for listings its like Fumes from Dust. I think Ebay has some serious competition Now!. Open Bazzar : (# having to leave my PC running 24 hours a day to keep listings up is something i’m not comfortable with, Sys blockmarket is 100% up time (freaking awesome) i can get some sleep.

    This is like a new Craigslist on the blockchain… a new Frontier in (in fact the first crypto2coin to achieve this) the decentralized market sphere. 100% uptime and can never be stopped. Cant wait for the smart phone wallets. Kudos to the team you made my Day…

  4. Fagui Curtain
    May 03, 2016 02:32

    I’ve installed Syscoin 2.0 wallet on my MacOS X
    how can i save the private key ?

    also where do i access the marketplace ?

    • coins coins coins
      May 03, 2016 09:53

      Hi market place is in the wallet look for tab on the top, you can save keys to any text file, always back up your wallet.dat file..

  5. Mario Jodoin
    March 22, 2017 12:55

    Hi, I have sent my syscoin to an exchange, and it never confirmed. Plus the address it it now shows is completely different than the one I put? what should I do?

  6. Dave Young
    June 22, 2017 06:20

    Dear Syscoin Community, please help me understand how to store my syscoins?

    I want to store my syscoins in a paperwallet which I created from the website then when I want to use the funds, I can sweep it using coinomi wallet!
    My problem is I don’t know where to check the transaction had taken place after I sent the funds there, and how which website to confirm the coins are actually in there!


    1. I bought some syscoins from an exchange and want to store it in a paperwallet exactly like the way I store my bitcoins.
    In addition to bitcoins, I currently store these coins the exact the exact same way:- Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Stratis, Blackcoin, Digibyte, Reddcoin.

    Step 1. I goto and generate my paper wallet for syscoin.

    Step 2. For the other coins, I find the block explorer for the appropriate coins so when I send coins to the paper wallet key,
    I can verify and confirm the transaction has taken place and the coin is in there!

    BUT For syscoin, I tried to same method, but the block explorer does not confirm transaction has taken place nor does it confirm the coin is in the paper wallet,
    but when I use coinomi wallet to sweep the paper wallet, the coin is in there and I am able to retrieve it!

    Can somebody please tell me where I can check to make sure the transaction took place and the balance is in my paper wallet? Because if I cannot verify the balance,
    I feel unsecure sending any coins to the paper wallet even though I know when I sweep the paper wallet with coinomi, the balance will be in there!

    I tried these syscoin block explorer but they don’t show anything:

    Here is the paper wallet public address which I sent 2 syscoins to as to test it!


    There is still 2 syscoins in there, I used coinomi wallet to sweep it, and it confirms the balance, but I did not transfer the funds to coinomi yet, so the funds are still in there!
    Can somebody please help me understand how to confirm the syscoins balance in this paper wallet address using the syscoin block explorer? thank you so much in advance for your kind attention!

    I look forward to hearing back from you! All the best!

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