Syscoin 2.0 Public Beta Now Available!


Following our appearance on BlockTalk which you can check out here we’re happy to announce we’re officially kicking off the final round Syscoin 2.0 public beta testing. We’ve tested this internally and now want the public to both give us their feedback and let us know if they encounter any issues. Because this is a beta, you should follow the instructions here to setup your client properly on tesnet. All Syscoin on the testnet is worthless and does not represent coins on the main network- they are two separate networks and testnet coins can only be used for testing. It is important you follow the instructions in the guide before running the Syscoin 2.0 Beta. In the next few days, we will be releasing step-by-step instructions on how to use each feature.
This is a beta with many major changes, we expect some issues to be discovered as testing is scaled up to a public level. It features all of Syscoin’s functionality from decentralized marketplaces to encrypted messaging to escrow, reselling, aliases and digital certificates. If you do encounter any issues please report them via GitHub so we can properly prioritize and track them. We’ll fix these issues before releasing the mainnet version of Syscoin 2.0 and proceeding with the coin conversion process later this month.
With the release of these beta wallets and the Syscoin 2.0 source code we’re also excited to announce the release of the Syscoin 2.0 early merchant signup portal and updated FAQ covering some of the basics of Syscoin 2.0. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a work in progress and will be completed before we push the final version to mainnet:

We hope you enjoy the functionality and we’re looking forward to your feedback! The “direct BTC” option is disabled in this beta build. We plan on posting a video later this week on how the “direct BTC” payment options works using one of our internal dev builds as it requires a Syscoin 2.0 wallet on testnet and a Bitcoin wallet on the Bitcoin testnet. Don’t forget we’re always looking to engage with our community- join us in our Slack channel for questions, help, and general community discussion!

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