Syscoin 2.1 Release Date and Feature List

After a lot of work we’re ready to announce a public release date for Syscoin 2.1 of December 18th, 2016 by or before midnight US/PST; block height is to-be-determined due to mining variability based on hashrate.


Syscoin 2.1 Feature List

There have been several posts as new features were added to Syscoin 2.1, it’s helpful to have a complete list of all the improvements included in this release:

  • Blockchain Pruning – Provides improved scalability to the core syscoin blockchain by efficiently pruning expired service data to minimize blockchain bloat for full nodes.
  • Unique Aliases / Syscoin Identities – Syscoin Aliases are now unique across the network; a change from Syscoin 2.0 where variable-case aliases were permitted.
  • Alias Portability – Optional passwords attached to aliases provide for portability and restoration options not possible on Syscoin 2.0 including the ability to recover an account simply by using the related Alias password.
  • Marketplace Moderation – Two tiers of marketplace moderation both user-defined via SafeSearch and team-defined via a 3 tier system. The moderation system allows for a more public-friendly marketplace with options for SafeSearch restricted items.
  • Private payments via ZCash – Syscoin users can now leverage ZEC as a direct payment option, which natively includes enhanced privacy.
  • Multiple payment options – Offers can now be paid for in any currency supported by the marketplace and supported by the merchants. Rather than one specific currency, payments can be now be made using all three supported blockchains (SYS, BTC and ZEC).
  • Multi-signature Transaction Support across all Syscoin services – Aliases, Certificates and Offers, now support multi-signature transactions, enabling a whole new class of use cases for Syscoin services.
  • Bitcoin 0.13 Core Update – As outlined in the launch of Syscoin 2.0, the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest bitcoin technology is essential for Syscoin to thrive; thus, we planned on keeping up to date with the latest Bitcoin core. Keeping up-to-date will be accomplished by upgrading the Syscoin 2.1 update to Bitcoin’s latest core 0.13.99.
  • Escrow Support on External Payments – Escrow was previously only available on offers purchased using Syscoin. With Syscoin 2.1, Escrow will now be available on offers purchased with any currency accepted, SYS, BTC or ZEC.
  • Private Alias Data – Aliases now include a private field which is visible only to the owner of the alias, allowing for private data storage on the blockchain.
  • Default Settings – There is now support for default Alias and default price-peg selection, increasing wallet usability. All service screens now also include the option to view all services the wallet owns or view services by individual Alias.
  • Dynamic Fees – Fee information is now stored in the Alias rates peg allowing for dynamic fees specifically for Syscoin services. This enables different fee structures with different pegs and gives merchants more flexibility in pricing.
  • Shipping Notification System – Optionally allows merchants to notify customers that an item has been shipped.
  • Feedback and Rating System – A 5-star feedback and rating system can now be provided for Merchants, Customers and Arbitrators, ensuring an accurate representation of reputation history for all parties.
  • Easy unlock for encrypted wallets – Easy unlock mechanism for improved usability w/encrypted wallets.
  • Hide Sold Out/Expired Offers – Hide items that have are sold out or expired from wallet listing screens.
  • Search within category – Search within a specific category rather than always searching all categories.
  • Suggested categories – A standardized set of categories across the Syscoin marketplace, or use your own.
  • Offer geolocation – Optionally add geolocation to offers.

Because of the extent of the updates introduced, specifically to maximize blockchain pruning, all existing Syscoin services will be removed upon release of Syscoin 2.1. This will allow for a clean slate with regards to the blockchain data and will allow users to claim their new, unique aliases. This will be the final time Syscoin service data is cleared. Clearing the service data will have zero impact to existing transaction data in terms of balances and general send/receive info; it will only affect Syscoin service data. Users who wish to keep this data can export it or backup their data folder prior to the 2.1 update.


Launch Plans, Blockmarket and Azure Certification

As the release date nears we’ll be coordinating with exchanges and miners to ensure the update goes as planned. In order to ensure success in this transition, we are allocating all of our development resources to this effort until launch. Once the successful launch of Syscoin 2.1 has been completed, we will be resuming Blockmarket M1 development, targeting it’s release for Q1 2017. Blockmarket will introduce an entirely new user experience for Syscoin on the desktop, replacing today’s “QT Wallet” with a much cleaner and user-friendly experience. Blockmarket also includes a brand new, matching server component for consumers and merchants, enabling easy-to-manage web shops. Blockmarket will be Blockchain Foundry’s first official consumer product.

Along with Blockmarket we’re also nearing completion of the Microsoft Azure Product Certification for Blockchain Foundry. The first product will be released as soon as possible following final certification and the release of Syscoin 2.1. We’re also working on redesigning the entire Syscoin website for the release of Blockmarket to target a more consumer-based audience and bringing the benefits of Syscoin marketplaces to the forefront. Syscoin 2.1 sets us up for an exciting future and we’re excited for the final release!

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