Syscoin Blockmarket Beta 3 Now Available!

I’m happy to announce the release of the Syscoin Blockmarket Pubic Beta 3. This release aims to bring a better experience to the purchase flow for buyers as well as improved merchant capabilities. For today’s release we’ve populated a few simple items on the Syscoin Demo Market located at We will have the Syscoin “Free for All” public demo Blockmarket site updated tomorrow so users can experience the new merchant section and list items for free as well as the new buyer section which is available starting today via


Connecting to Blockmarket Beta

The Syscoin Blockmarket Beta runs on the Syscoin Cakenet (a different blockchain from the main Syscoin blockchain used for testing; it provides a modified version of the Syscoin network parameters to allow for faster testing). To purchase items from the public Blockmarket Betas you’ll need to connect to the Syscoin Cakenet. To do this simply close your wallet, create a new syscoin.conf file in your Sycoin data directory (replace Bitcoin with Syscoin from this link), and then paste the contents of this link into the file. Reopen your wallet and you should have an address starting with a “T”- this indicates your on a testing network. Run “getinfo” from the debug console to verify your output looks something like this, indicating cakenet: true.


New Purchase Workflow

Blockmarket Beta 3 introduces an improved purchase workflow which integrates the web interface with the Syscoin local wallet interface using the Bitcoin URI scheme adapted for Syscoin. This implementation can prove to be problematic in some operating systems so we’ve also provided a fallback for those scenarios and would like users who experience this to report it to the team as soon as possible.


Improved Merchant Interface and Bugfixes

This release of Blockmarket includes upgrades to the merchant section of the Blockmarket user interface as well as the buyer section. In this release we’ve addresses issues allowing you to see your pending/active/expired items in a much cleaner way. We’ve also enabled merchants to recreate an item from an existing active or expired item with one click. There have also been improvements and fixes to the item update interface.


Try out the Syscoin Blockmarket Beta 3!

Give the Blockmarket Beta 3 demo a try now at Make sure your local wallet is open to get the full experience. If you’re a Windows user you will need to use the installer for URIs to work properly as they must be registered with the OS. On Mac this is included in the .app package. Here is a demo of what you should experience:


We expect there to be some issues with various platform and operating systems using the Syscoin URI so please give us feedback on our Bitcointalk thread or on the Syscoin Reddit. Syscoin is paving the way in the decentralized market space and we’re looking forward to hearing user feedback!


Download Syscoin v1.5.2 Beta 3 Now!

Important Note: Before running Syscoin QT 1.5.2b3 please:

  1. Delete the contents of your syscoin cakenet data folder EXCEPT for your wallet.dat (within the cakenet folder). This means also deleting peers.dat and all the folders related to the cakenet blockchain (leaving only wallet.dat in the cakenet folder).
  2. Use the syscoin.conf explained above to properly sync with the beta3 cakenet. If you leave your old beta2 blockchain data around, you may experience errors.

*Syscoin 1.5.2b2 is now deprecated and should no longer be used.

Syscoin Beta 2 Windows Installer (recommended)
Syscoin Beta 2 Windows
Syscoin Beta 2 Mac
Syscoin Beta 3 Github

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