Syscoin Shade Bug Bounty Program – Find Bugs; Earn BTC


Syscoin Shade Beta 3 has been in public testing for over a week and while some bugs have been found we haven’t received any reports of major security and/or blockchain stopping issues. With the help of the Syscoin community we’ve teamed up to incentivize the crypto community to try and break Syscoin Shade Beta 3 by offering Bitcoin bounties for bug reports. The two types of bugs we’ll be paying out for are security and blockchain-stopping bugs. All bounties are paid in BTC equivalent per price at time of verification.

Security Bugs – $15USD

Any bug that lets you access services that you shouldn’t have access to, or the ability to view encrypted data without consent/authority.


Blockchain Bugs – $25USD

Any series of steps/actions by one or more wallets on the Syscoin Beta 3 cakenet which prevent/stop mining from continuing. The full set of steps to reproduce the condition must be delivered and verified by the team in order for bounty to be paid out.

All bounty reports and payments are subject to verification and recreation on a clean, independent cakenet by SYS team following the reported steps. Team will work with bug reporters to clarify any steps in order to recreate. Duplicate bugs are settled on a first-to-report basis. Bounty payout decisions are final.

Report bugs by creating a GutHub Issue, by reporting them in the #bugs-bounty slack channel, or by emailing


Want to Help?

Want to help fund the bounty program? Send your donation to the official BTC donation address – 1F4fJbDbKQTD7vCa6rFGPJoKjvEU49DeAw – to help with the bounty fund and make the Syscoin Shade mainnet release as solid as possible. Syscoin will be one of the only functioning cryptocurrency platforms which delivers a functional hybrid Blockchain+P2P marketplace, fiat price pegging, aliases, digital certificates, native encryption using SYS elliptic keys for a variety of use cases and more. This is just the Syscoin core we’re focusing on- once this is on mainnet the applications and use case which can be delivered using this platform – several of which the team has developed and will be releasing shortly such as Blockmarket – can be realized and we think people will find the Syscoin platform surprisingly flexible, secure and robust compared to the competition.

1. Download the official Syscoin Shade Beta 3 Client
2. Beta Setup Instructions (OSX/Win)

Help break the Syscoin beta blockchain, get paid in Bitcoin!

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