Syscoin 2.0 FAQ

Getting Started

The wallet directory is located in:
The wallet directory is located in:Syscoin Wallet Directory example
/Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Syscoin

Note: the Library directory is hidden by default, you can quickly access this directory by pressing:
CMD + Shift + G
in Finder then typing:
~/Library/Application Support/Syscoin

Using the Syscoin wallet click on the “Send” tab and you’ll be taken to a screen that looks like this:


There are 3 fields which need to be filled in to send Syscoin to someone:

  1. Pay To: Enter the receivers Alias (if they have one) or full wallet address in this input box.
  2. Label: Whatever you enter in this box will be associated with the address in your address book. For example – if you entered “John’s Main Wallet” in the label field, that would be displayed next to his address in your address book.
  3. Amount: This is the amount of SYS that you will be sending. You are given the option to subtract the minimal fee for sending SYS from the amount you are sending by checking the box labeled “Subtract fee from amount.”

After those required fields are filled in, you can send the SYS by clicking the “Send” button at the bottom left of the screen.


Sending Syscoin to Multiple People at Once

You can also pay multiple people different amounts of SYS through this window as well by clicking the “Add Recipient” button. This will insert another row with the 3 required fields (Pay To, Label, Amount)




Sending money to multiple people at once is the same as sending it to a single individual. After you have filled out all of the required fields, hit “Send” to initiate the Syscoin money transfer

There are two ways to receive Syscoin:

  1. Send the individual who you’re requesting money from your Syscoin Alias (or if you don’t have one, your wallet address).
  2. Use Syscoin’s “Request Payment” service.

Using Syscoin’s “Request Payment” feature.

  1. Click on the third tab on the top navigation bar labeled “Receive”. You will then be taken to a screen that has 3 text input boxes labeled: “Label, Amount, Message.” While these are all optional, it does help to fill them out in order to keep better records of who you are requesting payment from, and why you are requesting it.


  2. After those fields are filled out, click “Request Payment.” A URI string will be generated which can then be sent to the individual you are requesting payment from. When the individual you are requesting payment from clicks on the link it will auto-populate their wallet with the amount you’ve requested.


The new Syscoin wallet will aggregate and save all of your payment requests so you can access them at a later time. Each request can be accessed individually under the “Request Payments History” section of the “Receive” tab.


We do not recommend CPU mining Syscoin as the network hash is much too high at this stage. However should you wish to do so, please follow the instructions below.

Solo Mining in the Syscoin wallet

To try solo mining within the wallet click:
Help -> Debug Window -> Console

Then type into the text field the following command to start the miner:
setgenerate true -1

The -1 is the amount of cores to use from your CPU, -1 will use all cores or you can specify 1 or 2 etc depending on how many cores your setup has.

Run the QT-Wallet with -salvagewallet.

On Windows do the following :

Create a shortcut to the Syscoin-QT.exe by right-clicking on the exe file. Then select “Send to” – > Desktop (create shortcut). Go to your desktop, right-click on the shortcut you have just created and select Properties. Make sure you are on the Shortcut tab. Then under target add -salvagewallet to the end of this.

Was C:syscoinSyscoin-Qt.exe
Should now be C:syscoinSyscoin-Qt.exe -salvagewallet

Click OK. Then run the QT-wallet again using the shortcut.

Remember to remove the -salvagewallet after the wallet has been fixed.


Syscoin aliases replace long complicated coin address with an easy-to-remember string of characters. These aliases can be used across all of Syscoin’s services and make it much easier to send and receive Syscoin.

Aliases are case-sensitive just like addresses so make sure to double check your entries!
Syscoin aliases are unique like domain names, and only one user can own a unique alias at a time. If you do not renew your alias by updating it then after a year it will be returned to the network for others to purchase.


To Purchase as Syscoin Alias, make sure you are on the “Alias” tab on the top navigation.


Once you click “New Alias”, a screen will appear asking you what you want your alias to be and the value associated with it. The value can be anything you want. The max data size is 3.2kb. Both the alias name and value are publicly visible via Syscoin’s alias search.


*NOTE:* Aliases are case-sensitive! The Alias “john_doe” and “John_Doe” are completely different and are NOT interchangeable!

Syscoin services such as Aliases, Certificates and Offers last a year from last update. If you rename or edit an offer, that is considereded an update.


After a year has passed from last update, the owner of the Alias, Certificate or Offer can no longer edit them and no longer controls it. In the case of aliases they are returned to the available pool for other users on the blockchain to purchase.

Aliases are somewhat similar to domains on the internet. Only one person can own an alias but once they have secured it they can transfer ownership to other users.

To transfer an alias which you own to another user you must first get the full public key of the user’s address you which to transfer the alias to.

The recipient can get their public key by navigating to the “Aliases” tab and clicking “New Public Key”. They will need to send you this key so that you can transfer the alias to them.


Once you have the recipient’s public navigate to the “Aliases” tab in your wallet and right click on the Alias you wish to transfer. Select “Transfer” from the menu. In the dialog that appears enter/paste the recipient’s public key and click “Ok” to complete the transfer.



  1. Click on the “Marketplace” tab on the top navigation bar in the wallet.Selling on the Syscoin decentralized marketplace: Step 1
  2. Click on the “Selling: sub-tab.
    How to list something id
  3. Then click on the “+New Offer” button on the bottom of the Marketplace window.**Note – It is recommended you include a picture of your item for sale. To do this, paste the image URL anywhere in the description box. When Syscoin parses your new offer, it will see that you have an image associated with the offer.
  4. After clicking on “+New Offer” a window will pop up asking for all the details of your offer. It’s important to already have purchased an alias because without one you won’t be able to list new offers.Fill in all of the inputs about your offer, which include:
    • Seller Alias – The alias of the individual you are selling under.
    • Title – The title of what you are listing for sale.
    • Category – The category of your item (e.g. Electronics, Retail. Home & Garden, etc.)
    • Currency – What currency you are selling your item in. Currently, Syscoin supports: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, BTC, SYS.
    • Price – The price of your item.
    • Quantity – How many copies of the item you have for sale. Syscoin automatically subtracts from the quantity value each time someone buys your item.
    • Certificate (optional) – If you are sending codes for digital goods or you. Certificates can also be used with re-selling on the Syscoin Marketplace.
    • Description – to have an image associated with your offer, you must put the link to the image in the description field.
  5. After filling in all of the required fields, your form should look similar to the image below:
  6. How to sell on decentralized marketplace :Part 3

  7. Once you’ve inputted all the correct information, click “OK” to have your offer be sent to the Syscoin decentralized marketplace. You may not see your offer populate in your “Selling” tab right away as it has to sync with the blockchain. A few minutes after you submit your offer, click the “Refresh” button at the bottom of the window and your offer will appear in your wallet.
  8. Posting items to the Syscoin Marketplace: Part 5

By default, all new offers are set to private for security reasons. They will not show up publicly in the marketplace search without changing them to be a public item. This can be done very quickly and easily by following these steps:

  1. In your wallet, go to the “Marketplace” tab and click on the “Selling” sub-tab. There you will see each one of your offers. Click on the offer you’d like to make public and then click the “Edit” button on the bottom of the window.
  2. How to make Syscoin offers public: Part 1

  3. You will then see the offer you created in a new window where you can edit anything about it, including its visibility. To make your item public, click the drop-down box which is labeled “Private” and select “No”.
  4. How to make Syscoin offers public: Part 2

  5. Click “OK” and your offer will then be publicly visible in the marketplace. As with creating your offer, it will take a few minutes to become visible in the public marketplace search.
  1. To buy items from the Syscoin marketplace, click on the “Marketplace” tab in the Syscoin Wallet. Then, click on the “Search” sub-tab.
  2. How to buy an item off the Syscoin Marketplace: Part 1

  3. To see all items publicly listed in the marketplace, click the “Search” button on the far right-hand side. Clicking search without entering a search query will display all the publicly visible items in the marketplace.
  4. How to buy from the Syscoin marketplace: Part 2

  5. To limit the scope of items that are being displayed and to refine your search results, you can use the “Search” function. The search accepts RegEx so using the search query “^name” will return all offers starting with “name.” It should be noted that the search functionality is case sensitive, so if I wanted to search for the “Syscoin Navy T-Shirt” and used the search query “syscoin” with a lowercase “s”, it would not return a result.
  6. When you know which offer you’d like to purchase, double click on it. You will then be shown the following prompt:
  7. How to buy from the Syscoin marketplace: Part 3

  8. Once you select “OK”, you will be taken to the actual offer itself. In this example, we are trying to purchase the “Dyson Vacuum”
  9. How to buy items from the Syscoin Marketplace: Part 4

  10. The pertinent fields that you, the buyer, need to fill out are: Quantity & Notes. The Notes input is where you provide the seller with your shipping address and any other information regarding the shipment of your item.
  11. Once you have selected the quantity of items you’d like to purchase and inputted your shipping information, click the “Accept Offer” button at the bottom of the page.
  12. That’s it! You’ve just purchased a new Dyson vacuum cleaner!
Syscoin’s escrow system uses third party arbitration to ensure safe transactions. The option to enable escrow is totally up to the buyer and is optional. If the arbiter is needed to resolve the transaction, the buyer will automatically be charged a 0.5% fee which goes to the arbiter.

To use escrow, after clicking the “Accept Offer” button “Buy” tab check the checkbox for escrow and enter the Syscoin Alias of a mutually trusted third party. In most situations the arbiter’s intervention will not be needed but they’re there to ensure both parties act according to the purchase agreement.

Once the merchant has delivered your items, navigate tot he “Escrow” tab and select the escrow related to the purchase. Click the “Manage Escrow” button located at the bottom of the screen or in the right click menu. If everything has been delivered to satisfaction, click the “Release Escrow” button.

If you have issues with the delivery, you can contact the seller directly using Syscoin’s Encrypted Messaging system. If the buyer and seller cannot come to an amicable agreement the arbiter can be contacted, review the details of the dispute, and resolve the matter either refunding the buyer, or releasing the funds to the merchant.

Private items are are items that are not visible via Syscoin’s public market search function. Private items can still be located by their identifier, and are visible from the listing functions on the Syscoin wallet that owns the listings, but cannot otherwise be seen from the outside via the wallet.

To purchase a private item navigate to the “Marketplace > Buy” tab/subtab and enter the offer id of the private offer you wish to purchase. This identifier should be provided by the merchant.

Click “Lookup Offer” and as long as enough quantity remain, you’re free to purchase using the normal purchase flow.

Encrypted Messaging

  1. To send an encrypted message directly from the Syscoin Wallet, click on the “Messages” tab. You will then be brought to a screen where all of your incoming messages are held. To start a new message, click the “New Message” button at the bottom of the window.



  2. After clicking on “New Message”, a compose window will appear. Choose the Alias you’d like to send your message from and the alias of the individual you want to send your message to. Then enter a subject line and the message you would like to send. After these fields are filled out, click “OK” to send your message.


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