Important Syscoin 2.1 Pre-Release Information

The public release of Syscoin 2.1 is this weekend on December 18th and includes a large list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. This release process will be similar Syscoin 2.0 in that we will be performing the hard fork using a network snapshot in order to maximize the benefits of some of the data-saving features such as blockchain pruning and to generally remove the expired Syscoin service data from the current Syscoin blockchain. The exact block height of the snapshot is subject to mining variability and will be based on Syscoin chain height as of 12pm PST, Dec 18th.

There will be no change to your wallet balance. if you maintain your balance on a third party platform such as an exchange or wallet service no action is needed on your part. In order to perform this mandatory upgrade on your local wallet you’ll need to delete any existing Syscoin 2.0 data and follow the steps outlined in the original Syscoin 2.0 launch post.. The Syscoin 2.1 release blog post on the 18th will include similar information useful links and a new syscoin.conf file. Syscoin 2.1 is a mandatory update.

The team is working with mining pools, exchanges, block explorers and all other major Syscoin service providers to ensure everyone updates to the new Syscoin 2.1 release.

We’re looking forward to releasing all the new features contained in Syscoin 2.1 to the public this weekend!

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