Microsoft Azure BaaS: Certification Update

As we near the completion of our first official Microsoft Azure BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) Marketplace product certification, we have had a lot to discuss with Microsoft via frequent communication. With help from the Microsoft Azure BaaS team, we have been able to identify a multitude of product offerings for the Azure marketplace and we wanted to show our community how things are currently evolving. At the time of this posting we’re excited to announce we’ve completed all of the prerequisite steps for certification and have pushed our offering to Microsoft’s staging environment for approval.


Fully Hosted Syscoin Node

Blockchain Foundry Inc.’s first product to be certified is our “Fully Hosted Syscoin Node” product. It is a full Syscoin node running on a Virtual Machine (VM) which will allow anyone using Azure to easily deploy a Syscoin node to support its centralized or decentralized application development on top of the Syscoin blockchain and blockchain services. The current list of blockchain certified products offered through the Azure Marketplace comprises of no more than 15 blockchain products that have gone through the same certification process backed by a corporation (at time of writing). This submission is just the first step- we see our products as much more than providing just a hosted Syscoin Node.

Our first offering is already in Microsoft’s staging environment. From this point in the process it will take anywhere from 1-7 days for staging to be completed then we can publish our offering to the public Azure marketplace. Once published Blockchain Foundry Inc. will have its first certified Syscoin-powered blockchain product on the Microsoft Azure BaaS Marketplace!

Microsoft is working with their BaaS partners to help promote blockchain services and has offered to help with marketing products that pass certification and we have a discussion lined up with them later this week to align our marketing visions.


Syscoin Price Peg Server: Limitless Possibilities

In addition to the “Fully Hosted Syscoin Node” product, we’ve also just completed development on our second product to be released through Blockchain Foundry Inc., dubbed the “Syscoin Price Peg Server”. More info on this product will be available on Blockchain Foundry Inc.’s website when the announcement goes live before the end of February. This product has the potential to fundamentally change and diversify the “price pegs” available to merchants on the Syscoin network.

The “Syscoin Price Peg Server” product adds support for 31 new fiat currencies and 78 crypto-currencies to the available currencies which merchants can use to price their offer. As more price-pegs are stood up, merchants will have an increasingly wide variety of options when it comes to pricing their goods and services. While these currencies still operate on the peg-conversion paradigm, the underlying architecture has been built with a clear end-goal: being able to accept payment in those currencies directly similar to our directBTC or directZEC features. Our initial vision for expanding direct currency support within our marketplace was for Syscoin to be accepted/converted via platforms like, however, new opportunities have presented us with similarly centralized ( is a centralized platform) alternatives which could provide us this capability and allow us to realize the full potential of our multi-currency support. Even better- we’re exploring decentralized solutions to this problem which would remove the middlemen from the equation entirely, in addition to being a disruptive market force given the monopoly some centralized service providers have in this space.

Following Syscoin Price Peg Server, the Syscoin-API Server will be the next product for certification and it’s in the final phases of development prior to packaging. We’ve also reorganized some of our internal team resources to allow us to parallelize packaging these products for final Microsoft Azure BaaS Certification with minimal impact to our other major ongoing development initiatives such as Blockmarket.


Syscoin API Server

The third product in the pipeline for Azure certification is Syscoin’s API Server. The Syscoin API Service provides an easy-to-use REST server for interacting with Syscoin services on a remote machine without compromising the remote wallet. Syscoin API Server is a complete and functioning REST-like API implementation on top of Syscoin’s JSON-RPC using the OpenAPI spec. Syscoin API Server includes complete interactive HTML documentation with the ability to “try out” all endpoints and thorough information on the purpose of each endpoint as well as the parameters they accept.

Once certified we’ll be running an instance of the Syscoin API Server 24/7 on one of our testnets for public informational purposes. What this will do is allow people to jump from reading the whitepaper, to our use case paper (an upcoming publication) to jumping directly to experimenting with the API and performing real Syscoin operations on our testnet via the Syscoin API Server HTML documentation portal. This enables users to fully understand not only what Syscoin can be used for but also how it can be used- providing them with a “playground” or “lab” environment for them to explore all its features without ever having to download any software. Of course because we are packaging this as a certified Azure product they will also be able to deploy their own private instance of the Syscoin API Server for performing operations on the Syscoin mainnet, building their own application experiences on top of the Syscoin blockchain or experimenting with other private/local blockchains.

Blockmarket M1 will be the fourth certified blockchain offering submitted to the Azure marketplace later in Q1 2017. We have a post planned for February focused exclusively on Blockmarket, more info will be shared via that post.


Changing Perceptions

As we’ve discussed on our most recent innovation update, more organizations are realizing Syscoin’s potential, however, many organizations still see our platform primarily as a decentralized marketplace. To that end, we have discussions lined up with them to better inform them on the full capabilities of Syscoin such as its identity features, multi-signature service capabilities, digital certificates, encrypted messaging and more. We’re working to make sure they understand the full potential and capabilities of Syscoin so that we can work with them to explore the many disruptive use cases for Syscoin’s decentralized business platform and be included in future pilot programs geared towards exploring the real-world value and applications of Syscoin’s growing list of features.

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