Syscoin Core 2.1.3 Released, Multiple Syscoin-Powered Offerings Now Live on Azure Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that today we’re releasing the Syscoin Core 2.1.3 with Segwit fully activated in line with the timeline communicated in our last post. This release is a MANDATORY update. In addition to this new core release we’ve also had a suite of product offerings powered by Syscoin, built by Blockchain Foundry certified and released to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

For more info, please see the Blockchain Foundry Blog where most of our updates will be posted going forward, as explained in our last post.

Download Syscoin 2.1.3 for MacOSX
Download Syscoin 2.1.3 for Windows
Download Syscoin 2.1.3 Source Code (for Linux builds)

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