Team Call Meeting Notes: August 23rd

team call


  • CIYAM core coder is on vacation for 10days; Team looking at competition in the interim
  • Looked at Counterparty’s port of Ethereum
  • Contacted Counterparty about their design – told us we are free to fork but no further support offered
  • Began researching Ethereum, contacted Vitalik Buterin about creating a token [asset] on the Ethereum network that is used to power a DApp written by the team which delivers a decentralized marketplace on the Ethereum network.
  • Need to scope out full requirements for a DApp and then speak with Vitalik again to get a realistic idea of capabilities/effort and timeline- continuing to investigate this route
  • Need to do some additional research on Auger and how they handle service fees within their DApp
  • SYS2 could possibly be a dividend-paying asset that pays out a % of all marketplace listing fees to SYS holders (and fees from future team apps).
  • SYS2 is ready for AT integration and AT still has many advantages; development is continues; Dan working on getting his dev env setup w new core
  • SYS2 could also be a dividend under the AT model OR mined (unlike ETH model)
  • Need to get community opinion/feedback on AT [platform] v. ETH [asset+DApp(s)]
  • Planning to raise funds for expedited SYS2 development and continued support

Syscoin 1.5.2 “shade” Wallet Release and Hard Fork

  • Rather than discarding fully working-and-tested decentralized marketplace code team will release this to provide community with more useable decentralized marketplace
  • Includes very basic marketplace functionality in-wallet:
  • > List Item
  • > Edit Item
  • > View Your Items for Sale
  • > Lookup Item
  • > Purchase Item
  • Peg Item priced to BTC (possibly fiat, TBD design being discussed)
  • Improvements to Item and Alias listing duration
  • Improvements to Item and Alias fees
  • There aren’t currently plans for a marketplace “browser” within the wallet beyond thesearch by GUID feature but there will be a generic marketplace browser hosted at The marketplace will be censored for content by default (test listings, empty content, etc) on the team based website but there will be a toggle to optionally show all content.
  • Blockmarket 1.0 will be launched alongside 1.5.2-shade; Blockmarket 2.0 will be launched on top of SYS2 and will leverage SYS2’s extended functionality such as linked offers (referral offers), offer refunds, escrow, etc.
  • Targeting release within 2-3 weeks, need to add UIs to wallet, complete item pegging and coordinate hardfork (will still be working on SYS2 in parallel)


  • Keyare and MwheelerUK are now officially working with the marketing team and will be helping in marketing initiatives around SYS and the new token (SYS2 atm)
  • Need to have a lot of items on Blockmarket for 1.5.2-shade launch even if they aren’t from big box retailers, just some small shops would still be beneficial (sexy stuff, reach out to sigwo about piStaker, etc).
  • Making sure where also have a twitter bot for posting of items newly listed to Blockmarket

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