Team Call Meeting Notes: September 6th

Here are the latest notes from our team call on September 6th, 2105.


  • Team finalizing DApp spec for proposal and review with ETH team/Vitalik; targeting delivery of spec by this Wednesday. Spec includes three DApps- asset, marketplace and escrow.
  • Spec development coming along very well, shows clear evolution from Syscoin-Shade release feature set and pivot in team direction (we will build DApps on top of the ETH network instead of maintaining our own network)
  • Still discussing AT/CIYAM implementation options for some point after the ETH DApps, they have promising tech.
  • SYS2 development will be fueled by a new crowdsale- marketing needs to start on this crowdsale ASAP.
  • Major goal of SYS2 crowdsale will be to allow SYS1 holders to transfer equity into new asset (converted SYS1 will be burned)- team brainstormed some options for this conversion / equity % but the primary focus remains Syscoin Shade release and SYS2 Spec.
  • Core devs have started working with DApp code to prepare for the cut-over, half of core-dev remains on 1.5.2-shade work mentioned below

Syscoin 1.5.2 “shade” Wallet Release and Hard Fork

  • Pegging feature implementation expanded to accomodate a much wider variety of currency pegging options.
  • Core upgrades completed- QT interfaces being updated- targeting release in ~2weeks
  • Blockmarket v1 to be released alongside Shade; may be a week after the Shade wallet release to allow team to focus on ensuring hard fork is completed properly


  • Roadmap on website needs to be updated- updated Roadmap for next few weeks:
  • > Complete SYS2 Spec by Wednesday, deliver to Vitalik for feedback
  • > Select SYS2 official new name by Wednesday, spool up marketing around crowd sale
  • > Complete SYS 1.5.2-Shade QT work, test
  • > Investigate options around forming company around SYS2 for purposes of more official investment and for crowdsale and legal reasons
  • > Complete Blockmarket v1.0 final touches and test against the Shade API changes
  • > Release as landing page for Shade release, link to API docs, create simple quickstart guide, and link to SYS2 info
  • > SYS2 crowdsale (contingent on confirmation of SYS2 spec/timeline) – specifics still being hashed out
  • Marketing team focusing on finalizing new name and developing marketing strategy around crowd sale
  • Still planning to work with select partners to pre-populate Shade release with marketplace items (partner names TBD)
  • Official block explorer host has changed to

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